Friday, 25 July 2008

I was going to then I thought....

Okay, I finshed listing the first lot of items in Etsy. I sold something already, which was a lovely surprise.

Anyway I got all excited and decided I could do the outlines for some cushion covers I wanted to hand paint with thickened dye. I stretched the first piece onto the frame and then looked at the work bench. It was a bit squeezy.

I needed to get rid of the yarn swift off the bench. but before I could do that I would need to finish winding the thread into 16 m skeins. after about half an hour this was getting a bit tedious.
I then decided to wind the thread into much longer lengths- 50 m. I can use this on my new takdai. Knocked over the rest of the thread in another half hour.
Then I started to do the outlines. Here is a sneak peak.
I'm still patiently waiting for the threads I dyed earlier in the week to dry thoroughly. its been pouring here (dams at 40%) all wek. Not good drying weather.
Even the paper I spread the threads on hasn't dried.
A couple of weeks ago I dyed this skirt. It was a white mini skirt, all of 16 inches long, that belonged to my niece. I ECO DYED it and turned it into a bag.
I love it. now don't go telling her how lovely it turned out. She might want it back.

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