Thursday, 10 July 2008

Away with the birdies

I've been busy using up scraps of hand dyed fabric and threads. Ages ago I saw an article by Kelli Perkins where she made these mad Black Crows. They looked so fantastic. I knew that I wanted to make some when I had time.

I started making Black Crows like Kelli did. This is the flock.

Here are a few individuals.

I was having so much fun that I decided to make some Australian Parrots. I used the same pattern but this time I used cream felt. I transferred some acrylic paint via fusible webb to add a bit of life.

I went a bit bird crazy at this stage.

I made 17 birds all up. They kind of remind me of my first sewing project at school. We made felt horses and embellished them with stranded cotton. I think I was in grade 3. We used to have races to see who could pull 2 strands out the fastest. Not one a time like we do now but 2 at the same time. Imagine the mess we used to get into.

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Traci said...

Your birds look great, lovely colours