Sunday, 25 May 2008

The Crafters' Way 50 - Paper Lace

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Paper Lace

At last years Craft Show I met Beryl Harch who is the Queensland Manager of the Parchment Network Australia. Beryl was demonstrating her wonderful craft to all who were interested. The beautiful and delicate examples were enough to ensure a long line.

Parchment Craft is not a ‘new’ craft, however it is experiencing a revival similar to other paper crafts. Parchment Craft can be traced back to 15th Century Spain. Like many of today’s crafts it was found on ecclesiastical pieces. As the Spanish explorers discovered new lands Parchment Craft found new devotees.

Parchment was originally made from the skins of sheep or goats. It was treated and tanned for writing. Today paper is used. The tools for perforating the paper have developed over the years as well. Originally a needle was tied to wood, today there are four- needle tools, which are easier and more comfortable to use. Whatever the tool, the same basic techniques continue; embossing and perforating paper to create lace like patterns.

Parchment Craft pieces make exquisite cards. In 19th Century France it was the fashion to present a parchment card to a girl taking her first communion. The cards would feature traditional motifs of flowers. Today Parchment Craft patterns feature birds and animals, heraldic designs, names etc. The patterns are easily adapted to suit your own specific needs.

Beryl Harch will be conducting Parchment Craft classes in the Redcliffe Area in Mid June. This is a wonderful opportunity for local residents to learn this art. For more information can contact Beryl on 4630 8316.

Date Claimer: Beyond Diamonds on Tour. This contemporary exhibition of jewelry will be held in conjunction with the Art Awards 2D Finalists exhibition at Pine Rivers Art Gallery. 24th May – 5th July

Information and photos supplied courtesy Beryl Harch

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