Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The Crafters' Way 41

Each week I write a Craft Column for a local paper, I share it here with bloggers.

Designing Women

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Craft Blogs. Well-written, informative blogs with clear photos can be hard to find. Too often the blog is filled with the trials and tribulations of the authors family life, have a black background or are hard to navigate. Here are a few of my latest finds. I enjoyed these and have added a couple to My Favourites. I particularly liked the descriptions of the artist design processes.

www.shirleytreaure.wordpress.com Shirley Treasure is a Master Weaver. She made her home in Western Australia after a backpacking holiday. Shirley uses her blog to market her work and in her words to ‘introduce weaving to as broad an audience as possible online’. The site is easy to read and the photos are incredible.

www.treeoflifetapestry.blogspot.com This blog follows the designing and making of the Tree of Life Tapestry. The tapestry was commissioned by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for their new Interfaith Spiritual Center. This is an entertaining blog; it covers the process from beginning to end and all points in between, including the mistakes and problems. The tapestry has now been successfully completed however the blog continues to follow the making of 3 additional commissioned pieces.

www.judyperez.blogspot.com This is my pick of the bunch. Judy is a highly respected artist known for her colourfully painted quilts. Judy also indulges in mixed media artwork. Her site is extremely easy to navigate as Judy has included a category sidebar (I wish more bloggers would include one). Simply by clicking onto your category of interest you can be taken directly to posts relating to that area. Judy has a category that covers her design inspirations and processes. It includes clear photos and her narrative is sure to get your fingers itching. This is one to visit regularly.

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