Wednesday, 6 February 2008

And Finally- The Last Flower

This last kumihimo flower from the book really challenged me. The first two times looked more like weeds than flowers. I shelved it for a few weeks, consoling myself with my success of the other flower patterns.

Last weekend I picked it up the kumihimo disk and decided to have another go. AH! a light bulb exploded in my brain. I got it.

It reminded me of the time(s) that I decided I would make a brownie slice to take to a family gathering. The first batch was a throwout, it didn't set( or whatever the correct baking term is). The second batch was barely edible, icecream and cream are wonderful. It set aorund the edges but was still uncooked inside.

By this time I was determined to master this recipe. I added the ingredients to the bowl and mixed together. I was about to pour the mixture into the tray when my brother stepped in. He had come to watch this sadistic display. He decided that we should run through the instructions just to double check. Cocoa. Check. Sugar. Check. Flour. Flour?? I queried. There is no flour in this recipe. I had made the brownie recipe twice without flour.

And so went the flower pattern. I hadn't been turning the plate. Duh!

And after all of that, I'm not fond of it. I prefer the other flowers. At least now I can say that I did it.

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