Thursday, 31 January 2008

Resist Dyeing

I was recently browsing blogs and came across one where the lady had used foam glue as the resist. Before I go any further I can't recall the site so my apologies for not giving due credit. Anyway the finished result had me thinking I should give it a go.

Last Sunday afternoon I started. Of course I hadn't remembered to presoak the cloth in the soda ash solution before starting. I got out my sponge and started to brush the glue onto the sponge. First hurdle. I couldn't see the glue on the fabric so I couldn't see where I had been. It also took forever and used a LOT of glue. Needless to say that before long I decided to change to the good old flour paste resist.

The bottom of the photo has been sponged with the foam glue and the top with the flour paste. I was using a plain sponge. I let this dry.

The next day I slapped dye on (literally). I added soda ash to the dye at this stage. Here you can see where the foam glue resist is. Yes its the big square shape.

This is piece finished. You can still see the foam glue square.

This is a closeup of the flour paste area. The photo doesn't quite capture the even sponge speckled finshed.

The fabric feels very stiff where the foam glue is and normal where the flour paste was. The other thing I noticed was as the glue didn't all wash out ironing was problematic. I ironed from the wrong side and it still wanted to wrinkle. A bit like plastic does when its burnt.

While I had fun playing, the use of the foam glue certainly isn't a viable resist option for me.

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