Monday, 3 December 2007

Kyoto Day 3

I hadn't booked into any classes on Day 3. When we needed to give our class preferences earlier in the year I was in the midst of Glandular Fever. I must have been feeling tired that day cause I remember thinking I should give myself a rest day. I planned to attend the keynote speeches. As it turned out, that day's scheduled speeches were all on the industrial uses.
I skipped the morning altogether and went shopping with Elise. This was fun. We bought lots of paper from one place. I can't show you any photos yet as Elise still has all of it. She works for a company that imports Japanese Paper and she wanted to show the boss what we had found.

These are braids that we found in one of the local Department Stores.

They've been mechanically braided. They had 100's of different patterns and colours.

In the afternoon Elise and I met up with the group at KIT. We had another tour planned. This tour was to the Adachi Kumihimo Museum. This was fascinating. Elise isn't a braider however she thoroughly enjoyed this place. She bought one of her girlfriends a beautiful Kumihimo necklace. You should have seen her face when I told her it was silk. She just hadn't realised that for the price it would be silk.

Adachi had some very early examples of Braiding Stands.

They also had this very high stack of braiding samples all mounted on cardboard. I snapped away madly.

And another one.

My fingers are itching as I'm typing. I want to start trying to replicate some of these. In all seriousness though it will have to wait until after Christmas.

Hopefully I will post day 4 tomorrow.

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meushi said...


my jealousy has been downgraded from "Official" to "Slight" :) The obi you photographed are amazing. I have one machine-made obi with a complete sutra braided ayagaki-style, I can't imagine the time it would take someone to do the same by hand.

I've split my blog in two today, by the way, so you may want to update your bookmarks. Kumi stuff is now on and off-topic stuff is on the old address.