Tuesday, 27 November 2007

I'm Back - Again

Japan was incredible. The conference was inspiring, exciting, fun and very busy. Every day was filled with "oh my gosh" moments.

I'm still trying to process all that I learnt, saw, tasted and smelt. It was an all absorbing experience.

I'm not even going to start to describe the experience right now but be assured there will be plent to read and see in the posts over the next week or so. There are lots of photos.

Here's a few to get you started.
This lady is braiding using a takadai. if you look closely you can see that she is kneeling.
From the traditional to the modern. These braids were for sale in a major department store- they have been mechanically braided.
Close up detail of braiding during one of our tours. I WILL find my notes and give appropriate accreditation.
Can you believe these glorious colours?

This photo is taken through the bamboo over the roofs (or is that rooves?) of Kyoto. We were standing on the balcony of the conference dinner venue.

This was our first temple, not far from our hotel.

I had read about the vending machines but didn't expect to get hots chips and other deep fried food from them. It wasn't bad. Hey! We had to try them, all in the name of research of course.

These were definately good enough to eat.

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meushi said...


I'm glad you enjoyed Japan, please post more pictures :) I'll try to upload some pictures of Kyoto seen from above on my blog.