Wednesday, 29 August 2007

They're Beautiful But......

What do you use them for?? If only I had a dollar for every time I am asked that question while demonstrating Kumihimo outside our shop on Sundays.

I must say that on more than one occasion customers come up with some really great ideas some are even commercially viable. This is the case with my hair braid kits. Teenagers noted that the braids could be used as reusable hair braids that sell down the coast for $20 a pop.

The kits come with the reusable disc, threads and some beads. They've been a great hit.

When I started braiding I refrained from selling the finished braided item. I prefer to encourage people to have a go themselves. I had extra braid lengths left over from this necklace project.

This necklace has been braided using a very simple 4 bobbin braids. Each Strand is different though the royal blue thread is the coordinating colour. Beads were strung after braiding. This is one of my favourites, it has an ethnic feel to it. I had left overs of each of these braids. I turned the leftovers into hair braids. These sold like hot cakes.

My Sunday Braiding demos have resulted in kilometres of braids with no specific purpose in mind. I started to run out places to hang them so I made some more hair braids, these too are selling well.
Now when I'm asked "What do you use them for?" I have another answer direct from my young customers.

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