Thursday, 21 June 2007

I'm Back

Well I got a provisional clearance from the doctor to slowly increase my activity levels. I’m sure that his interpretation of slowly and mine may differ slightly. I’m also certain that he doesn’t read my blog so I think I’ll get away with it.

I returned to gym, THIS I am taking slowly. You can’t try to shift the 13.5 kg that I put on while sick in one visit.

I have however resumed dyeing classes. One of the first was for the Brisbane City Councils GOLD program. These are always great fun as participants get to learn about dyeing their own fabrics, threads and laces. We even dyed some paper with the left over dye. They have lots to take home, washout and use in their next project.

I also ran four classes for a local school; the kids were 9-10 years old. I enjoy the kid classes, as they are so open about experimenting and never stress when colours turn out different than they thought. I’m always a little amazed that they never make any mess of the area or themselves. Mind you the icecream buckets keep most of the dye contained.

Then I started dyeing for stock. I had a blue day first.

I then did reds, pinks, purple and yellow.

Tomorrow I plan to dye some more yellows and start on some greens before restocking the Enigma Range. … soon as I get home from the gym!

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