Sunday, 10 June 2007

The Crafter's Way 14

I write a weekly craft column for a local paper, here is this week's article.

Paper based crafts are extremely popular at the moment. From scrap booking and altered books to fabric journals and sculptured paper objects it seems that everybody has rediscovered paper as a craft medium.

With school holidays approaching, and potentially bored children to occupy paper crafts can be an inexpensive activity. Although messy, most of these activities children can be done with little adult supervision.

Laminated Paper: You will need tissue paper in at least 2 colours, PVA glue, brush for applying glue, Cling Wrap, scraps of thread (optional). Tear off a piece of Cling Wrap large enough to cover work surface. Mix 2 parts PVA glue with 1 part water. Place a sheet of tissue paper onto cling wrap. Using the second colour of tissue paper, tear into stamp sized random shapes. Using the brush cover the first sheet of tissue paper with glue mixture. Place small shapes onto glued surface. If using threads add these now as well. Cover the entire surface with glue mixture. Leave to dry. When completely dry carefully remove cling wrap.

Fabric Paper: This is a variation of the Laminated Paper. You will need white tissue paper, cotton fabric (poly cottons work fine, try recycling out of the ragbag), PVA glue, Cling Wrap, brush for applying glue, scraps of threads, wool lace etc. Tear off a piece of cling wrap large enough to cover work surface. Mix 2 parts PVA glue with 1 part water.
Brush glue mixture onto cling wrap. Place fabric wrong side down onto glued surface. Brush again with glue mixture. Add thread scraps. Cover carefully with sheet of tissue paper. Brush more of the glue mixture over the tissue paper. Take care when doing this as the tissue paper becomes quite fragile. Leave to dry.

Sculptured Paper Objects: You will need egg cartons, blender (adults please), moulds (e.g. biscuits cutters), sieve, water absorbent cloth (e.g. chux) Tear up egg cartons into small pieces and soak overnight in water. Place small amounts into blender and mix until it is the consistency of porridge. Pour pulp through sieve to remove excess water. Place moulds onto water absorbent cloth. Pour pulp into moulds and allow to dry. Dried shapes can be painted.

Use your children’s finished papers in your next scrap booking or journal page for that extra personal touch!

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