Monday, 12 March 2007

The Crafters Way

I write a weekly craft column called the "The Crafters Way" for the North Lakes & Districts Messenger. I like to highlight the personalities, exhibitions and happenings in the craft world. Each week I'm going to reproduce the article here.

The Crafters’ Way

with Trish Goodfield from Trishalan Designs email:

Colourful Language is an exhibition currently on display at Gallery 159 until the 25th March.

This exciting exhibition features an impressive display of artworks which all incorporate “ COLOURFUL LANGUAGE”. Artist Tricia Smout uses letter, words, and symbols as her inspiration to create hangings, artist books, sculptures and wearable art in paper, fibre and fabric.

These “TEXTured” patterns and designs, which range from legible text to abstract letterforms will intrigue you. Tricia says” I profoundly enjoy creating designs based on letters, word and symbols, which I then transfer to fabric, paper and other media”. Tricia uses a wide range of techniques including calligraphy, paper collage, paper folding, papier mache, embossing, appliqué, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, tapestry, felting and silk painting.

Tricia was a child who always enjoyed playing with paper, fabric and thread. It wasn’t until she learned calligraphy however that her love of lettering began. Tricia uses different methods to create her designs. Some feature a single letter; some are based on a word while others use a whole phrase or sentence. In Alphabet Symmetry Tricia uses a specific letter of the alphabet, reverses it then repeats it in a circular designs.

Tricia will be at the Gallery during weekends to talk about her work, demonstrate techniques and answer questions. She will also present specially tailored weekday sessions for both primary and secondary students to enable them to explore the link between language and the arts.

If your school is unable to visit the gallery, Tricia is available to visit the school for classroom talks, demonstrations and workshops. She is also available for longer
Artist–in–Residence programs.

You will find Gallery 159 at 159 Payne Rd, The Gap. Its is open every Saturday and Sunday 11am – 4pm. For enquiries ph Tricia on 3379 1406.

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